Dharmanagar – The City of Arts & Culture


Situated in the Northeastern state of Tripura, Dharmanagar holds a significant position as a bustling commercial hub within the North Tripura district. This charming town, adorned with lush landscapes, a lively cultural scene, and captivating attractions, stands as the second-largest urban town in the state, promising a travel experience that’s both distinctive and unforgettable. Adding to its allure, the town is graced by the meandering Juri River, which gracefully flows through its heart.

Brief History

The exact beginning of the name ‘Dharmanagar’ is hard to find out. The Rajmala talks about four old kings with ‘Dharma’ in their names. This makes it uncertain which king gave the town its name. Some old papers suggest that Dharmanagar has been around for a long time. The Rajmala also says that in ancient times, people used the name ‘Faticuli’ to mean Dharmanagar.


Dharmanagar’s surroundings feature numerous tea gardens, while the North Tripura District boasts predominantly hilly terrain. The district shares its borders with Assam and Mizoram in the Northeast and is bounded by Unokoti District in the West. To the North, the international border with Bangladesh marks its boundary, while the Southern peak of the district defines its southern limit. The area is abundant in natural vegetation, enhancing its scenic beauty.

Kali Bari

Things To Do In and Around Dharmanagar

Dharmanagar, a town renowned for its picturesque landscapes, historical landmarks, and numerous educational institutions, stands as a prominent Municipal Council in the North Tripura District. Situated just a few hours away from Agartala, this strategically positioned town is easily accessible with a well-established transportation network. Despite being a relatively small town with limited tourist attractions, Dharmanagar may not provide an abundance of activities for visitors to engage in. Nevertheless, let’s explore a brief overview of some noteworthy things to experience while in the town.

Take a leisurely walk around Kali Dighi

Kali Dighi

Dharmanagar is encircled by the enchanting Kali Dighi, a picturesque lake that enhances the city’s allure. Adorned with numerous fountains, the lake transforms into a mesmerizing spectacle as the sun sets. Embarking on a leisurely evening stroll along its shores proves to be a delightful remedy for any melancholy. The tranquil ambiance enveloping the lake enhances the pleasure of the walk. Travelers may consider reserving accommodations with a view of the lake to maximize the enjoyment of their stay.

Enjoy Bird Watching at Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated just 12 km from Dharmanagar, Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary is a compact yet captivating haven for nature enthusiasts. Those with a passion for wildlife and birdwatching will find this sanctuary to be a rewarding stop. The diverse ecosystem hosts various species of birds, reptiles, and primates, offering a chance to encounter these fascinating creatures on fortunate days. Spanning an area of 0.86 square kilometers, the sanctuary provides a delightful way to spend time while in town.

Visit the Tripureshwari Temple

Tripura Sundari Temple

Following a brief tour of Dharmanagar, travelers can embark on a scenic drive to Udaipur to visit the Tripura Sundari Temple, also known as the Tripureshwari Temple. This sacred site holds significance as one of the Shakti Peethas in the country, and the state itself is named after the goddess Tripura Sundari Devi. Drawing a substantial number of pilgrims each year, the temple is a revered destination. While in Udaipur, visitors can also indulge in a lakeside tour, as the town boasts several picturesque lakes. A concise half-day tour of Udaipur proves to be a rewarding investment of time and effort.

Embark on a Journey to Unakoti


Unakoti, an ancient Shaivite pilgrimage site, boasts vast rock reliefs and bas-reliefs that adorn the landscape. Situated just a few kilometers from Dharmanagar, it stands as a prominent tourist destination in this region of the state. The historical significance of Unakoti traces back to the 7th and 9th centuries, featuring stone images and intricately carved rock figures. Notable among them are the colossal Shiva head and the figure of Ganesha. The Shiva head, known as Unakotiswara Kal Bhairava, stands tall at approximately 30 feet. An annual Ashokastami Mela takes place here in April, adding to the cultural vibrancy of the site.

Trip to Agartala

Ujjayanta Palace 02

If your journey to Tripura involved a flight, chances are you may have already explored Agartala. However, if you arrived via alternative routes and haven’t had the chance to visit Agartala yet, consider planning a trip from Dharmanagar. A few hours’ drive away, the two places are well-connected by a substantial number of buses. Agartala, as the capital city, offers a plethora of tourist attractions, including the Ujjayanta Palace, Government Museum, Jagannath Temple, and more.

How To Reach Dharmanagar

By Air

Dharmanagar does not have an airport. Instead, it relies on nearby airports for air connectivity. The Aizawl Airport in Mizoram, approximately 83 km away, serves as a viable option. The Agartala Airport in Tripura is a more distant choice, standing at over 160 km from Dharmanagar. Another accessible airport is the Kumbhirgram Airport in Silchar, Assam, located 88 km away. Upon arriving at these airports, tourists can conveniently opt for buses or cabs to reach their final destination in Dharmanagar.

By Train

Traveling to Dharmanagar by train is a convenient option, given that the town is well connected with its railway station. The Dharmanagar Railway Station is the principal railway hub in the North Tripura district and holds the distinction of being the oldest railway station in the state. In addition to serving the local district, it facilitates rail connectivity to nearby regions.

By Road

Dharmanagar has good road connectivity to all the important towns and cities in and around Tripura. Private carriers operate both AC sleeper and non-AC buses, providing passengers with comfortable travel options. Additionally, tourists can easily hire cabs for their transportation needs.

Getting Around Dharamnagar

For getting around the town of Dharmanagar, visitors have the option to avail car rental services, which offer affordable taxi services. These services can be used for sightseeing and exploring the surrounding areas of Dharmanagar. Additionally, autorickshaws are a widely popular mode of transportation in the region, commonly used by both locals and tourists alike.

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