Lunglei: Mizoram’s Fascinating Off-Beat Destination


Lunglei is a stunning destination located in the state of Mizoram, India. The town’s name, “Lunglei,” is derived from the Mizo language and translates to “the bridge of rock.” This enchanting town is a hidden gem that offers a unique and off-the-beaten-track experience for travelers.

Location and Geography

Lunglei is a small town located in the southern part of Mizoram, approximately 170 km from Aizawl, the capital city. The town is situated on a hill slope at an altitude of 1,222 meters above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. The name “Lunglei” is derived from the Mizo words “lung” and “lei,” which mean a rock and a pile of stones, respectively. The town was named after a rocky outcrop on the hill slope where the town is located.

BCM church in Chanmari
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Lunglei is a town that is surrounded by a lush green forest and rolling hills, which makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The town’s natural beauty is such that it attracts a lot of tourists to come and explore it. Trekking, bird watching, and camping are some of the most popular activities that tourists can indulge in while visiting Lunglei.

The town’s serene and tranquil atmosphere provides the perfect setting for nature lovers to explore the forests, witness a variety of bird species, and camp under the stars. The lush greenery and hilly terrain make trekking a popular activity in the region, allowing visitors to discover the natural beauty of the area on foot. Visitors can also opt for guided tours to ensure their safety while exploring the hills and forests. All in all, Lunglei’s natural beauty offers an immersive experience that visitors will remember for a lifetime.

Things to do in Lunglei

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

Khawnglung mountain, situated near Pangzawl on the Aizawl-Lunglei road, was the site of a bloody massacre during the internecine feuds between Sailo chiefs in the 19th century. The village of the same name was located on the ridge, where the tragic love story of Chalkunga and Thanghniangi unfolded.

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Khawnglung is now a wildlife sanctuary covering 35 sq. km with rich flora and fauna, including primates and birds. Trekking for about 10 km is required to reach the sanctuary, which offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore Mizoram’s natural beauty and wildlife. The best time to visit is between October and March, and visitors should contact the Department of Environment and Forest, Mizoram, for guidance and assistance.

District Museum, Lunglei

The District Museum in Lunglei is a must-visit destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the rich and vibrant culture of Mizoram. The museum’s vast collection of exhibits showcases the traditional way of life of the indigenous people, with a focus on their clothing, weaponry, jewelry, and utensils. Visitors can marvel at the intricate designs and delicate craftsmanship of the items on display, which serve as a testament to the region’s rich artistic heritage.

The museum also features an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures that offer a glimpse into Mizoram’s contemporary art scene. These artworks depict a range of themes, from the natural beauty of the region to social issues and political commentary. A visit to this museum is a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s rich and diverse history, traditions, and art.

Lung Milem

At the southern edge of Tawikhawthlir hill near Mualcheng village, around 65 km south of Lunglei, lies an enigma that has puzzled locals and visitors alike for years. Three stone figurines, depicting people in meditative Buddhist poses, are perched on a rocky outcrop known as ‘Lung Milem’ or ‘Stone Figures.’

Lung Milem

The origins of these figures remain shrouded in mystery, as no other Buddhist relics have been found elsewhere in the state. The lack of information about their creators and purpose adds to the intrigue of these stone figures, making them a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the area.

Lungding – Rualalung

Lungding is a captivating natural landmark located near Rualalung village, approximately 91 km south of Lunglei. The unique formation is composed of rock and hard soil, standing at an impressive height of 60 ft with a base girth of 120 ft, tapering to a small flat top of about 20 sq. ft. Despite being covered with shrubs and climbing plants, the climb to the top is not a difficult one.

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According to animistic beliefs, the Mizos considered rocks, trees, and other natural objects that were out of the ordinary in shape or size to be inhabited by spirits. Lungding was believed to be one such oddity, making it a site of spiritual significance for the locals.

Best time to visit Lunglei

To experience the pleasant weather of Lunglei, it’s recommended to visit between October and March. The temperature during the day is mild and sunny, but the nights can get chilly. Due to its elevation of 1,222 meters above sea level, Lunglei has a moderate climate all year round. The summer season is not too hot, while the winter season is not too cold. Although the monsoon season is usually a good time to visit, heavy rainfall can sometimes lead to landslides, making travel within the state challenging.

How to Reach Lunglei

By Road:

Lunglei, located in the southern part of Mizoram, has excellent road connectivity with Aizawl and other towns in the state. The most popular modes of transportation to Lunglei are by bus or jeep taxis, which provide a comfortable and convenient way to explore the picturesque landscapes of Mizoram.

By Train:

Lunglei can be accessed through Silchar, which has the closest major railway station located approximately 340 km to the north in the state of Assam. Visitors can avail themselves of bus or taxi services from Silchar to reach Lunglei. This option provides a convenient and comfortable way to travel to Lunglei while enjoying the scenic beauty of the region along the way.

By Air:

Lunglei is located around 200 km away from the nearest airport, Lengpui Airport. Regular bus and taxi services are available from the airport as well as from Aizawl. For a more unique experience, visitors can also opt for helicopter services offered by Pawan Hans from Aizawl to Lunglei.

Indian travelers need to obtain an Inner Line Permit (ILP) before entering the state.
(Details on how to obtain an ILP are discussed in one of our earlier articles)

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