Haflong- The Only Hill Station of Assam

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Haflong, a hill station located in the Dima Hasao district of Assam, is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty and cultural richness. With its rolling hills, pristine lakes, and lush green forests, Haflong offers visitors a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Haflong is a dream destination for nature lovers and camping enthusiasts. At an altitude of more than 600 meters above sea level, Haflong is the only hill station in Assam and an ideal getaway for a serene vacation. Haflong Hill is one of the major tourist attractions of Dima Hasao. It is renowned for its majestic view of the mountain ranges, bounty of vibrant green forests, and trekking adventures for nature lovers.

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Haflong has a pleasant climate, making it a popular tourist destination in Assam. Visitors are sure to have an enjoyable experience here with friends and family, creating unforgettable holiday memories. The hill town is a perfect retreat for those seeking peace and serenity.

In addition to its picturesque scenery, the hills of Haflong are also famous for their diverse flora, including over 2 lakh unique flowers like the Blue Vanda orchid, rare bird species, and fruits like Pineapple, Pears, Peaches, and Oranges. A visit to the Orchid Garden in Haflong is a must. Often referred to as the “land of blue hills,” this tranquil and undisturbed hill station boasts blue hills, rivers, and waterfalls, making it a hidden gem yet to be fully discovered by tourism.

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Haflong is home to a diverse population, including the Dimasa, Zeme Nagas, Hmars, Paites, Vaiphais, Karbis, Jaintia, and Kukis tribes. The region is abundant in pineapple and orange cultivation. A scenic lakeside resort has been established amidst the lush green hills surrounding the town. Adventure seekers can indulge in activities such as trekking on the Borail range, hang-gliding, and paragliding. The traditional dances performed by the tribal communities are also a popular attraction for tourists visiting Haflong.

Places to visit in and around Haflong

Haflong Lake

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Haflong Lake is located in the heart of the town. It is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty and is surrounded by lush green hills. The lake provides a peaceful and serene environment and is a popular spot for picnics, boating, and fishing. There are also resorts and hotels nearby for those who wish to spend more time at the lake.


Jatinga, located 20 km south of Haflong on the Silchar highway is famous for a unique and mysterious phenomenon that takes place there every year – the mass suicides of migratory birds. During a certain period of the year, birds mysteriously fly toward brightly lit buildings and trees in the village and fall to their deaths. This has been happening for many decades and continues to puzzle ornithologists and scientists.

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The exact cause of this phenomenon is still unknown, but several theories have been proposed, including disorientation caused by fog or the attraction of bright lights to the birds. Despite its macabre reputation, Jatinga remains a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world to witness this unusual natural occurrence.


Maibong is a historical town located in North Cachar Hills District 72 km from Haflong. It was once the capital of the Kachari Kingdom and is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. The town is located on the banks of the Kopili River and is surrounded by scenic hills and lush green forests.

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It is a popular tourist destination for its archaeological significance, including the ruins of the Kachari Kingdom and several ancient temples. Maibong is also known for its rich cultural traditions, including traditional dances and festivals, which are still practiced by the local communities. Overall, Maibong offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a fascinating destination for tourists and history enthusiasts.

Panimur Waterfalls

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Panimur is a popular tourist destination located in the North Cachar Hill District of Assam, about 120 km from Haflong. The Kopili River transforms into a stunning milky white waterfall at Panimur, making it a must-visit spot for nature lovers and photographers. There is a Forest Inspection Bungalow available for tourists, but advanced booking is recommended, especially during peak tourist season. Panimur is a popular choice for tourists, especially in the winter and spring. During the monsoon season, the Panimur fall can cause flooding in the lower lands.

How to reach Haflong:

By Air: One can reach Haflong via Guwahati Airport, from where private cars and taxis are available for hire. Alternatively, a flight to Shillong and then a drive to Haflong is also an option.

By Rail: The closest railway station to Haflong is 3 km from the main town. The scenic views from the train are stunning. The Lumding Junction Railway Station is also nearby.

By Road: Haflong is well connected by local transportation with many buses available to take tourists from place to place.

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